Planning for Motorized Blinds: The Benefits of Hard-Wired Automated Shades

Hunter Douglas Hardwired Power Shades


                   When building a new house or remodeling your existing, don’t forget to plan for motorized blinds and automated shades too!  When building a home, people are always looking for the latest and greatest features to better suit their current lifestyles and plan for the future.  An often overlooked new home build design item is window coverings.  We find that while many people consider automated shades & motorized blinds, they often don’t think about the most convenient window coverings, hardwired powered shades.  Teaming up with Hunter Douglas, we’ve listed our top reasons for planning for automated shades and motorized blinds in your new home by hard-wiring with low-voltage wire at all the appropriate window openings.


Hunter Douglas Powered Shades in Bedroom


Why Hard-wired Automated Shades?


No More Batteries!

There are numerous long-term benefits to hard-wiring for use of adding powered shades.  The first being, no more batteries!  An average battery wand in a powered shade, has 12 AA batteries.  Larger windows may have two battery wands, which equals 24 batteries on one shade!  Having powered shades wired directly to your home, through low-voltage wiring at every window opening within the trim, allows you to use your powered shades without the worry of having to change out the batteries [which can add up to a lot of batteries in an entire home!].  On average, the batteries in powered window coverings will last a few years but this varies depending on how often the shades are used.  With hard-wired shades, the only batteries you’ll have to worry about are for your remote – much more manageable!



Powered shades eliminate the need to handle your blinds which means no more cords dangling or breaking.  Not only is this safer for children and pets, but it also provides a cleaner look.

The safety benefits extend to the outside your home as well. With the addition of a remote, there is a phone app called the PowerView app,  that keeps all of your windows organized by room.  From there, you can set up automation which tells each blind to open or close at a specific time.  This means while you’re on vacation, your scheduled automations can continue, providing the illusion that someone is home operating the window shades.

And, by registering your account with Hunter Douglas, you can control your shades remotely as well!  Say you left for vacation or work and forgot to close the shades. By registering your account, closing or opening a shade is as easy as opening the app and selecting the shade to control.  Talk about convenience!


Energy Efficiency

Most of us know about the damaging effects of beautiful sunshine on our furnishings. Powered shades protect the surfaces in your home from getting sun-bleached, and within the Powerview app, there is even an option to have your shades move with the sunrise or sunset. Being able to place the shades in the right positions also increases the energy efficiency of your home, reducing solar heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. Finally, Hunter Douglas has different styles and fabrics of energy-efficient shades themselves, meaning extra assurance that your interior surfaces will be protected.



Where should I plan for Hard-wired Motorized Blinds & Shades?


Locations for Hard-Wired Window Shades & Blinds

The best locations to hard-wire for powered shades, is anywhere!  Any window is great for this application due to the benefits listed above. However, a common choice is any windows that are unreachable, such as in a 2-story space.  These spaces can be living rooms, bedrooms, but most often stairways.



What Can I Expect from my Hard-wired Shades?


Convenience & Assurance

Hard-wired powered shades not only pair nicely with new finishes in your home, but also provide the assurance that your home will be protected and perform the way you intend them to.  Remember what you don’t need with hard-wired shades? – BATTERIES!  This means reliable performance 100% of the time and no costly battery replacements throughout the life of your shades.


Smart Home Systems

The Hunter Douglas PowerView app for powered shades has the ability to connect to your other smart home systems such as Control 4, Nest, Amazon Alexa and Apple Home Kit.  The PowerView app is available on both Apple and Android mobile devices as well.


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If you’re in the market for a new home or to remodel your existing home, consider hard-wired automated shades or motorized blinds!  You will love the convenience and fun that powered window treatments bring to your home while still reflecting your style.  Be sure to check out a past blog of ours ‘How to Choose the Right Window Treatments for Any Room in Your Home‘ and of course, reach out to our amazing design team at Che Bella Interiors!  Contact us today to visit our showroom! With a full line of displays, we can walk you through what it would look like to have beautiful and functional powered shades in your home.  Make sure to visit our ever-growing portfolio for more inspiration!


Written by Stefanie from the Che Bella Team

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