What is 40’s Glam Interior Design?

Minneapolis Interior Designers are bustling this Holiday season to put together designs for rooms the they have been awarded for the 2014 Showcase House. We have the honor of designing the young twin girls’ bathroom as well as their playroom. The house was built in the 1930’s and the homeowners would like to have the house reflect a 1940’s glam feel without being too stuffy or turn into a time capsule. While our spaces will be more kid friendly – we wanted to get inspired by the 40’s glam style. The idea of Glamour can mean exploring daring color palettes, crystal chandeliers and fabulous objects.

We found a wonderful article full of detail on the Hollywood Regency style from Examiner that noted:

COLOR – drama is essential – lighter color palettes mixed with darker tones. Bring bling and opulence
SPACE PLANNING – This lounging and socializing
FUN – Velvet, crystal, mirrored furniture or high-gloss pieces, a mix of sleek and lush. Lighting is key for mood

40’s inspired great room
Mirror, crystal and velvet touch
Luscious Master Bedroom
Find more information on the great room
Find more information on the bedrooms

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